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Flooring and wall tiles

Flooring and Wall Tiles at Antiek Deknock. We have antique tiles come from a lot of different countries, like France wall tiles and the popular Belgain Bluestone. The old floor tiles, also known as Etruscan tiles, come in an wide variety of shades of colour and structures. You can find them in our wide collection of tiles. At Antiek Deknock we brush and clean all our products. Then they are sorted by colour and size within half a centimetre so that the tiles can be laid with minimum grounting.

Our wide collection

Below you can find our wide collection of flooring and wall tiles. One of the most popular products in this category is the blue stone tiles. Click on the icon of the different tiles and take a look at specific pictures of the tiles.


blue stone tiles  bourgondy limestone  terra-cotta  marble tiles

white and sandstone  slates tiles  cement tiles  church tiles